Irrigation Technology Companies

The following irrigation and water management equipment companies have submitted their equipment to third party testing at Fresno State. To find out more about the products you are interested in and have been tested, contact the companies directly and ask about the equipment and the certification results.

Jain/Agricultural Products Inc., Ontario, CA
Ames Company, Woodland, CA
Antelco Corporation, Longwood, FL
Micrometer-Automata, Inc., Grass Valley, CA
Bowsmith Inc., Exeter, CA
Buckner Inc., Fresno, CA
CBG Enterprises, San Diego, CA
Champion Irrigation, Los Angeles, CA
Jain/Chapin Watermatics, Inc., Watertown, NY
Claude Laval Corp, Fresno, CA
Dig Corporation, San Marcos, CA
Dura Plastic Products, Inc., Beaumont, CA
Febco Division of CMB Ind., Fresno, CA
Geoflow SDI, San Francisco, CA
GF Sloane, Little Rock, AR
HIT Products Corp., Lindsay, CA
Hunter Industries, San Marcos, CA
Irritrol Systems, Riverside, CA (formerly Richdel/Garden America, Carson City, NV)Irrometer Co. Inc., Riverside, CA
John Deere Water, San Marcos, CA
K-Rain, Riviera Beach, FL
L.R. Nelson Company, Peoria, IL
Dynamic Recycling, Minneapolis, MN
Nelson Irrigation Corporation, Walla Walla, WA
Netafim Irrigation Inc., Fresno, CA
Rain Bird Sales, Inc., Glendora, CA
Senninger Irrigation, Inc., Orlando, FL
The Toro Company, Riverside, CA
Wade Rain Irrigation Systems, Eugene, Oregon
Weather-Tec Corp., Fresno, CA
Zurn Industries/Wilkins, Paso Robles, CA