About Us


The California Agricultural Water Stewardship Initiative (CAWSI) aims to raise awareness about approaches to agricultural water management that support the viability of agriculture, conserve water, and protect ecological integrity in California.


CAWSI is managed by Community Alliance with Family Farmers and guided by an Editorial Board. Editorial Board members include:


CAWSI is a living resource—we invite submissions of case studies and documents you would like to recommend adding to the website. You can also stay connected as the resource center evolves—join our listserve for occasional updates and follow us on Twitteror Facebook.


CAWSI and the online resource center were first conceived of and launched in 2008 by an alliance of agricultural support organizations including the California Institute for Rural Studies, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, Ecological Farming Association, OAECWater Institute, Polaris Institute, and Wild Farm Alliance. CAWSI was first convened by the Polaris Institute and then by Ag Innovations Network. CAWSI became a project of theCalifornia Roundtable on Water and Food Supply in Fall 2011. The Roundtable is a project of Ag Innovations Network and is a forum for leaders working to assure a reliable, long-term supply of water to California’s agricultural producers while optimizing other beneficial uses of water. Members include leaders from the agricultural, water management, regulatory, fishing, environmental stewardship, environmental justice, rural economic development, and research communities. In early 2014, management of the CAWSI site was transferred to Community Alliance with Family Farmers.

The Resource Center has been made possible by the generous support of the Columbia Foundation, Gaia Fund, Clif Bar Family Foundation, the USDA Risk Management Agency, and the California Water Foundation. The Resource Center is currently funded, in part, by the California Department of Water Resources.