SCADA Integrators

The following integrator companies for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) has been compiled by ITRC at Cal Poly. To find out more about the integrators, contact the companies directly and talk to prior irrigation district customers about their experiences with the integrators.

Advanced Telemetry Systems International, Inc., Escondido, CA
Applied Solutions, LLC, Spokane, Washington
Aqua Systems 2000 Inc., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Concepts in Controls, Inc., Visalia, CA
Control Systems International, Lenexa, KS
Custom Automation, Inc., Mesa, AZ
Roctest Ltd., Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada (Formerly Geomation, Inc., Golden, CO)
Northern Digital, Inc., Bakersfield, CA
AUSENCO, Concord, California (formerly Pipeline Systems, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA)
Processes Unlimited International, Inc., Bakersfield, CA
Sierra Control Systems, Carson City, NV
Sutron Integrated Solutions Division, Sterling, VA
Tesco Controls, Inc., Sacramento, CA
Transdyn Controls, Inc., Pleasanton, CA
Turnupseed Electric Service, Inc., Tulare, CA
Westin, Rancho Cordova, CA