Case Studies

Agricultural water stewardship practices are being increasingly applied by growers and ranchers in California and beyond. This database of case studies was initially compiled by the Pacific Institute and outlines the experience—successes and challenges—of agricultural producers in implementing a variety of water stewardship practices. Included amongst the case studies are ten short video interviews from the Pacific Institute. For a comprehensive list of all the videos included in the database, please refer to the CAWSI YouTube Channel.

The purpose of this database is to compile existing case studies of agricultural water stewardship practices from real-world experiences and to encourage the documentation and compilation of new case studies. The case studies describe on-farm water stewardship practices and sustainable local and regional water management approaches, including detailed information about the context, costs, and benefits. The database is an evolving repository of information for growers, irrigation districts, and interested individuals and agencies. We invite you to submit new case studies for consideration.

Searching the Database

In order to make it easier to find information that is relevant to you, the database can be filtered or searched in a variety of ways, including by location using the GIS-enabled map. In addition, by making selections in the pull-down menus, you can filter the case studies to view only those featuring a particular hydrologic region, production type, irrigation type, or stewardship practice. There is also an open text search that allows you to search the entire database for a particular word or phrase.