On-Farm Agricultural Water Stewardship Practices

This section of our resource center includes information and resources on important on-farm practices for sound water management, many of which have potential to be much more broadly applied. Follow the links below to access information on the listed practices, each of which includes an overview of the practice, the associated water savings or improvements to water quality, additional benefits, applicability in different production scenarios, case studies, and additional resources.

While this website aims to provide information to assist in water management decision-making, it is not a technical guide. Growers and ranchers should consult with their Farm Advisor, local Resource Conservation District, Natural Resource Conservation Service, or other technical support entities before implementing significant changes in farm practices.

This website does not constitute a comprehensive list of water stewardship practices. It is a work in progress and we anticipate expanding the content over time as new practices and information emerge. Please contact us with any information you would like us to consider adding to the website and check back periodically for additional content.